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Toilets can have a range of different leaks and like anything mechanical, they need to be maintained in order to work most effectively (We all want them to remove what’s in the loo). Sometimes you may find water surrounding your toilet on the floor. This can be due to a number of issues.

The first thing could be that the tap (mini cock) connecting water to your toilet can be faulty due to wear and tear and may need replacing. Another issue is having a cracked cistern. This is where the tank better known as a cistern that holds the water for your toilets flush has a crack in its shell. If your cistern has a crack, the entire tank will need to be replaced if possible. Sometimes the pipe (flush pipe) between the toilet and the cistern can leak this means that the rubbers that create a seal at either end have worn and they need to be changed. At times the base of your toilet (Pan) can also leak this can be if there is a crack in it or if it has been installed incorrectly. At times your toilet may sound like it has water running into the cistern or the bowl, this generally means that the valves that help the toilet to operate correctly are malfunctioning.

Replacement of WC Suite

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